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Welcome to the Beagle Watch family

At Beagle Watch Armed Response, it is our mission to offer superior client service and best-in-class response times. For when lives matter, seconds count.

While we believe in utilising state-of-the-art technology to the benefit and safety of our clients, we are also proud of our personal approach and the exceptional quality of our hand-picked and highly trained staff that can deal with any emergency speedily, calmly and efficiently. 

Since our inception in 2004, Beagle Watch has grown immensely. Together with our international partners, Prosegur, we are continually expanding our service offering and growing our footprint. We jealously guard our unique, personal approach and value the unique relationships we have with our clients and the communities we serve. 

About Beagle Watch Armed Response

A leading private security provider in Johannesburg

Our Services

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Proactive security is our focus. We are dedicated to the prevention of crime through continuous, 24-hour, high visibility patrols. With an extensive resource base and best-in-class response times, we always have you covered. Because when lives matter, seconds count!

Monitoring & CCTV

We are one of the leaders in public space CCTV and have an ever-growing footprint of more than 850 cameras throughout our footprint. We also have a full CCTV monitoring platform that makes use of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence.

video monitoring


A recent addition to the Beagle Watch suite of products is Video Verification. With Beagle Watch's unique Video Verification system, you can add a highly cost-effective and efficient safety layer to your private security without compromising your privacy.

Guarding Services

Whether you require guarding at a residential estate, industrial or commercial site, street guarding, or ad hoc guarding, why trust anyone but Johannesburg's leading private security provider to give you the peace of mind and seamless support you deserve?

Technical Services

At Beagle Watch, we understand that reliable, 24-hour technical support for home or business security systems is not always easy to find. Which is why Beagle Watch's technical experts provide you with world-class technical services whether you are a client or not.

Eight compelling reasons why Beagle Watch is the only choice

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Best-in-class response times

With our proactive approach to fighting crime in our footprint and unmatched response times, we remain the leaders in the private security industry.

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Vast CCTV camera footprint

One of the pioneers in public space CCTV and still among the leaders in this sphere. We have an ever-growing footprint of more than 850 cameras.

Incident Management

Our trained and professional Incident Managers handle a crime scene with professionalism to assist clients when they need it most.

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Free, unique Smart Mobile App

Now managing your home and business security is easier than ever before with our unique, free mobiles smart phone application for Android and iOS.

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State-of-the-art Call Centre

Our multimillion rand Call Centre is the most technologically advanced of its kind within the armed response industry and is operational all year round.

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In-car monitoring & tracking

Our vehicles are fitted with in-car monitoring and live vehicle tracking. Our Officers always have access to extensive back-up support. 

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Technical support 24/7, 365

We have technicians on standby 7 days a week, 365 days a year, who are always ready to assist with your alarm maintenance and repairs.

More than a security provider

Our extensive community involvement and added-value services truly set us apart. We offer what no other security provider can.

What our clients say

Mr Grattan Kirk

"Beagle Watch's personalised service is unheard of."

Ms Jovana Korać

"Choosing Beagle Watch Armed Response was a no-brainer."

Ms Amanda Baret

"High visibility & personalised approach set Beagle Watch apart."

Mr Jason Cross

"Attention to detail sets Beagle Watch apart."

More reasons to choose Beagle Watch as your security service provider

How do you keep your alarm system and other security systems running and functional during a protracted power outage?

Beagle Watch now has the definitive solution!


While regularly replacing back-up batteries is advisable, it is not a long-term solution. With ongoing loadshedding and power cuts the battery does not get sufficient time to recharge and the battery cells start to die off. This means that the battery lasts for shorter and shorter times.


Our team of technical experts are the first to develop a workable solution to ensure your continued security during power cuts. The system is also suitable to keep electric fences and gate motors powered up.


  • A solar option offers a long-term solution to the challenge of keeping your alarm system active. 
  • During times of loadshedding during the day, the solar unit will ensure your battery continues charging so that it is fully charged to ensure it lasts the night.
  • Quick, neat and easy installation with all required brackets to ensure the panel is positioned correctly.
  • Top-quality product suite curated especially for Beagle Watch clients.
  • Easy payment terms: order and install now and pay off the system over 3 months.
  • Beagle Watch has secured a bulk order to enable clients to purchase the product at cost.


Everything you need to keep your security systems running, including a 60W solar panel, 12V 18 AMP battery, cabling, brackets and casings!



Another safety and security layer for you with the Beagle Watch FIRE PROTECTION KIT

Beagle Watch now offers tailored fire safety kits to help you safeguard your property and family against the devastating effects of a residential fire. 


If your home had to catch alight today, how prepared would you be to deal with this emergency? With a Beagle Watch Fire Kit, you will enjoy another safety and security layer. 


  • No upfront payment for equipment or installation required. ​

  • Small monthly fee that can be added to existing Beagle Watch account.

  • ​Smoke detectors are linked directly to the Beagle Watch Call Centre, using the existing alarm panel and monitored 24/7.

  • I​mmediate response from FIRE OPS SA in case of an emergency.  




Did you know that a residential fire occurs every 90 seconds*? 


Residential fires cost South Africans millions of Rands each year and afffects countless people and animals. 


Almost 99% of fires in South Africa are caused by human negligence, such as electrical faults or carelessness. Other causes are electrical storms and veld fires. Being prepared for a fire emergency is therefore vital to safeguard your property, possessions and loved ones. 



video monitoring

Beagle Watch clients now enjoy even more added value - and greater peace of mind

We are now offering our clients even more value and greater peace of mind with an additional priority-access service.


Beagle Watch has entered into a customised agreement with FIRE OPS SA, a highly respected private firefighting organisation that covers our entire footprint.

From 1 December 2021, Beagle Watch is paying a monthly subscription to FIRE OPS SA on behalf of every Beagle Watch client to give our clients  priority access to professional firefighters in the case of a home fire or other fire-related emergency.


Increase in home fires a concern

"We have seen a considerable increase in devastating home fires across our footprint over the past few months. We have therefore proactively entered into a agreement with FIRE OPS SA to pay a monthly subscription on behalf of each and every client to give them first priority-access in the case of an emergency," says André Aiton, Managing Director of Beagle Watch Armed Response.

Beagle Watch is often the first port of call when a fire is detected, whether at a home, an electrical substation, or public area.

"While our Response Officers are always willing to assist, they are not trained firefighters. Through this agreement with FIRE OPS SA, our Officers will prepare the scene for FIRE OPS' arrival."


Seconds count

"As seconds count, not having to wait in line will be hugely beneficial for our clients," notes André. 

As is the industry norm, there is a cost involved when FIRE OPS SA attends to a fire emergency. However, as part of this agreement, Beagle Watch clients will enjoy a 30% discount on any service that FIRE OPS SA renders, to the benefit of either the individual client or the client's insurance company. 

"At Beagle Watch we strive to offer a total safety and security package, which includes priority medical access through Netcare 911 and now also to FIRE OPS SA as well." 


How to utilise the service 


Should you have a fire emergency, you can gain access to the services of FIRE OPS SA in two ways:

  • Log a Fire Emergency on the Beagle Watch Smart App. Our Call Centre will call you to confirm the details of your emergency and log the call to FIRE OPS SA through our dedicated line. 
  • Phone our 24-hour Call Centre on 011 678 1972 to report a fire, and our Call Centre will immediately alert FIRE OPS SA through our dedicated line. 


In all cases, please clearly state which suburb the fire is so that FIRE OPS SA can immediately dispatch a vehicle from one of their six locations in our footprint. 

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