Is a depleted alarm battery compromising your safety? 

How do you keep your alarm system and other security systems running and functional during a protracted power outage?   

We now have the definitive solution!

Custom-solutions, custom-installed to ensure your safety and security.


While regularly replacing back-up batteries is advisable, it is not a long-term solution. With ongoing loadshedding and power cuts the battery does not get sufficient time to recharge and the battery cells start to die off. This means that the battery lasts for shorter and shorter times.


Our team of technical experts are the first to develop a workable solution to ensure your continued security during power cuts. The system is also suitable to keep electric fences and gate motors powered up.


  • A solar option offers a long-term solution to the challenge of keeping your alarm system active. 
  • During times of loadshedding during the day, the solar unit will ensure your battery continues charging so that it is fully charged to ensure it lasts the night.Everything you need to keep your security systems running, including a 60W solar panel, 12V 18 AMP battery, cabling, brackets and casings!
  • Quick, neat and easy installation with all required brackets to ensure the panel is positioned correctly.
  • Top-quality product suite curated especially for Beagle Watch clients.
  • Easy payment terms: order and install now and pay off the system over 3 months.
  • Beagle Watch has secured a bulk order to enable clients to purchase the product at cost.


*Terms and conditions apply. 


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