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The Beagle Watch Smart App

The Beagle Watch Smart App is a mobile application that allows you to manage your home alarm system from the palm of your hand, while located anywhere with data connectivity. The application is free to download and connects you directly to our team here at Beagle Watch and allows us to instantly inform you of any activity on your monitored premises.


Our smart app allows you to safely and securely manage different aspects of your customer profile such as, key holder details, holiday instructions and special client notes. Our application also allows you to safely and easily test your alarm system to always ensure it is in working order and includes a panic button feature which is linked directly between your alarm system at home and our Control Centre.

Beagle Watch Smart App Benefits & Features

Arm & Disarm Alarm system

Arm and disarm your alarm system from your mobile phone (if your alarm system allows). For more info, please contact our technical department.

Cancel False Alarms

You can use the Smart App to easily cancel false alarms from the palm of your hand.

Request Technical Assistance

Send a request for technical assistance directly to our team via the Beagle Watch Smart App.

Mobile Panic Button

The mobile application links directly to your alarm system and can be used as an additional panic button.

Request Meet & Greet

You can easily request a Meet and Greet service using the Beagle Watch Smart App.

Request Medical Assistance

We have teamed up with Netcare 911 to provide priority medical assistance to our clients. This service can be requested directly from the App.

Test your Alarm

You can easily place your alarm on test to ensure your system is always in working condition.

Request Patrol

The App can be used to easily log a request for additional patrols within your area.

Report Suspicious Activity

Our Smart App can be used to send messages to our Control Centre, this feature allows you to report suspicious activity.

Where to find the App

Please click on the Apple App store icon above to access the Beagle Watch Smart App for download to your device.

Please click on the Google Play Store icon above to access the Beagle Watch Smart App for download to your device.

Simplify your Security with the Beagle Watch Smart App

Downloading the Smart App is simple and our Call Centre team is available to assist you with the set-up.

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