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Community and Training

Beagle Watch is so much more than just a private security provider. Not only do we offer unmatched service levels, our teams are also actively involved in the communities we serve and offer a range of added services that no other security provider can match. 

Community Training Initiatives

Free Security Training for Domestic Staff

Beagle Watch’s team of experts presents free training sessions for staff members at central points in the residential areas where they work. 

Security Training in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality and restaurant staff often bear the brunt of criminal activity. Our team of experts provide basic security training for hospitality staff members.

Security training for youth and learners

Beagle Watch regularly presents safety and security talks at schools and youth centres, either face-to-face or via online sessions. 

Safety & Security talks on Zoom

Beagle Watch Managing Director, Andre Aiton, regularly presents online briefing sessions, covering relevant and current safety and security issues.

Beagle Watch Environmental Teams

Beagle Watch employs dedicated Environmental Teams that are deployed to secure and clean up public space areas, such as parks, verges, traffic intersections, areas surrounding pedestrian and traffic bridges and greenbelt area that are deemed safety or security risks. 

Canine Rescue Unit

Beagle Watch Armed Response has launched an industry-first: an animal care unit where lost pets can be housed safely and comfortably until the animal’s humans can be located.

Often, we are the public’s first port of call when a lost dog or cat is reported. In many cases, clients are unable to house the animal until the owner is found, or they are not able to transport the animal to the nearest vet or shelter.

We therefore have a special Animal Care Unit vehicle fitted with an enclosed and fully ventilated cage, and a brand-new, safe and comfortable enclosure at our head office in Fairland for such emergencies.

The enclosure includes a dog kennel and artificial grass, as well as basic requirements, such as food, water, blankets and some toys.

We also have a microchip scanner to assist in reuniting lost pets with their humans. 



Project Substation

Electrical substations in residential areas are often the target for criminal activity and cable theft. Apart from resulting power supply issues, exposed cables also pose a serious safety threat to residents and children. Beagle Watch has therefore ‘adopted’ several substations in its footprint, securing and cleaning up the substations and surrounding areas, adding solar lighting where needed, and scheduling regular patrols to the benefit of the greater community. 

WhatsApp groups

Beagle Watch administers area-specific WhatsApp groups to keep clients informed of crime trends and other relevant information via a one-way communications medium. 

Support for Schools and places of Worship

Beagle Watch provides tailored security solutions for schools and places of worship.