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Fire-proof your property

Ensuring you are prepared for a fire emergency is vital. This includes investing in good-quality, well-maintained fire-detection measures.

•    Invest in smoke detectors that are monitored. Beagle Watch has recently launched an excellent and very cost-effective fire kit solution that includes smoke detectors that are monitored around the clock by our Call Centre and professionally installed and maintained. 
•    Test and maintain smoke detectors, back-up batteries, and fire extinguishers regularly.
•    Subscribe to a private fire-fighting organisation to ensure quick response in the case of a fire-related emergency.
•    All Beagle Watch clients enjoy this additional peace of mind benefit with FIRE OPS SA as part of their monthly subscription.

Keep gates, garages and vehicles locked

Criminals continue to derail gates, break into garages and motor vehicles and even steal wheels, especially from SUVs and bakkies, warns Beagle Watch. 

•    Take extra precautions to ensure driveway gates are secure, and keep garage doors and vehicles locked at all times.
•    Add additional safety measures to ensure gates cannot be derailed or forced open.
•    Do not leave gates on manual during power outages. 
•    Keep garage doors closed and locked at all times, as well as any doors leading to the garage.

•   Lock the vehicle to activate the alarm.

•    Check that home security systems and electric fencing are in working order, activated, and linked to our Call Centre.

•    Keep vehicles in a locked garage, if possible, or park them out of sight. 

How power cuts affect alarm system batteries

Load shedding and power cuts wreak havoc with back-up batteries for alarm systems, warns Beagle Watch Armed Response.

•    An alarm battery should last one to two years and needs approximately 24 hours to charge fully.
•    With power cuts and load shedding, batteries start to run low (or flat) and do not have sufficient time to recharge fully before the next power cut.
•    This leads to battery cells dying and the battery lasts for shorter and shorter periods, leaving you more and more vulnerable at the times you most need protection.
•    An alarm battery should last at least three to four hours. If it does not, it is time for a replacement.
•    To ensure your safety, Beagle Watch offers replacement batteries at cost for clients and non-clients. Phone our Call Centre or email

Do not ignore alarm signals or barking dogs

Please do not ignore alarm or electric fence signals (or barking dogs), assuming they are weather-related, warns Beagle Watch Armed Response.

“In several parts of our footprint, electric fences continue to be the target of opportunistic criminal activity, with a number of clients' fences cut to gain access to properties,” says André Aiton, Managing Director of Beagle Watch.


Especially during rainy or wet conditions, suspects tend to repeatedly “test” fences, to see if they are activated, resulting in alarm signals. “Clients assume the repeated signals are weather-related and then simply turn off the fence, opening the way for possible intrusion.”


“Should you receive repeated alarm or electric fence activations − or become aware of your  (or neighbourhood dogs) barking incessantly − please contact our Call Centre so that our Response Officers can inspect your premises,” is Aiton’s advice.

Vehicle safety

Criminals are not only stealing motor vehicles, or breaking into vehicles to help themselves to valuable items, but they are now turning to stealing the wheels off vehicles parked inside clients'premises. Bakkies and SUVs are particular favourites. 

•    Keep vehicles locked at all times.
•    Park vehicles in a locked garage at night, and lock the vehicle to activate the alarm.
•    If vehicles are parked inside the premises, try to keep them out of sight from the street.
•    Owners of SUVs and Bakkies should consider investing in wheel lock nuts as a preventative measure..
•    Check that your home security systems, such as beams and electric fencing are in working order and activated.

Do not neglect your security when moving house

When moving house, please do not drop your guard regarding safety and security.

Wait for all the paperwork to be done:

Do not cancel your home insurance and private security before all the offical paperwork and final transfers have been completed.

Clients are often tempted to cancel their home insurance and private security when they receive the good news that their home has been sold. However, it can still take a good few weeks before the transfer of ownership is finalised. This means that, as the owner, you are still responsible for the property and would be liable for the cost of any accidental or other damages.

Keep you home insurance and home owners' policy in place:

Accidents happen, as do burglaries and theft from premises. Do not cancel your insurance before the move has been finalised. 


Do not advertise that your house has been sold:

If possible, limit the time that the "sold" sign is displayed outside your property, as that could alert criminals to an imminent move. Also, when cleaning out or buying new equipment, be aware of what the contents of your wheelie bin or boxes on the pavement could reveal to potential criminals. 


Kindly advise Beagle Watch of your move date:

This will enable us to schedule additional patrols and a standby vehicle for the day of your move and will also give us an opportunity to transfer the existing security system to the new owners, should they so wish.

If you would like to advise us of your move date, please kindly mail us at or contact us on (011) 678 1972.

Beagle Watch makes bin collection day safer

Beagle Watch has launched a campaign to make bin collection days safer in Fairland, Northcliff and Berario.

"We are well aware of the increase in recyclers and vagrants in the Fairland, Northcliff and Berario area, especially on Thursdays when bins are put out for Pikitup to collect," says André Aiton, Beagle Watch Managing Director.

"While we certainly have empathy for the recyclers and the homeless, we need to ensure that our clients and our communities are safe."

Beagle Watch's teams will therefore be adding additional patrols on Thursdays and will keep close tabs on the areas where bins have not yet been collected.


•    Only put your bin out on the morning of collection day and bring it back in as soon as the garbage has been collected.
•    Do not put the bin out the evening before, as this unfortunately attracts recyclers to the area during the evening and night.
•    A wheelie bin left outside can also be used to climb over a wall, especially at night.
•    Keep the bin out of sight and safely at the back of your property during the rest of the week.
•    Be safety-conscious when taking out and bringing in the bin.
•    Have a panic button with you and be aware of your surroundings.
•    Do not leave the gate standing open.
•    If your domestic worker or gardener usually takes out the bins, please brief them accordingly. 
•    If you are not at home, arrange with someone to bring in your wheelie bin after the garbage has been collected. A bin left standing outside for extended periods can indicate to criminals that you might be away. 
•    Be aware of what you dispose of. Boxes and packaging of high-value items might be providing criminals with a 'shopping list'.
•    Be careful of creating expectations. While occasionally putting food out with the bin is not wrong, it could create future expectations.