About Beagle Watch Armed Response

About Us

The Beagle Watch Armed Response infrastructure, the most advanced in the security industry, and resource base is extensive and is aimed at providing a premium service to our clients. All our efforts are focussed on ensuring the fastest, most dependable and professional service in the industry. For this reason, we do things differently to the rest of the industry and every employee in the company understands and accepts the responsibility to protect the lives and property of our clients.

Proactive security is our focus and we are the only company dedicated to the prevention of crime through continuous, 24 hour, high visibility patrols.

The Beagle Watch operational areas are divided into ‘dedicated vehicle areas’. This means that each area has its own dedicated response vehicle to service only those in that particular area. Not only are these vehicles dedicated to one area, they are all fitted with high-tech in-car monitoring systems enabling immediate self-despatch without having to wait for control room instruction. All of this contributes to the best in class response times which is unrivalled in the industry.