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Beagle Watch Armed Response was launched in September 2004 and the astounding growth has confirmed that residents demand professional protection. Our success is not only based on our superior service but on our unique solutions geared to the changing modus operandi of criminals. Beagle Watch infrastructure is the most advanced in the security industry!

The Beagle Watch management have over 60 years combined experience in the armed response business. Dave Casey, the former Managing Director of Eagle Watch and BBR Security heads the company, and he and his elite team provide competent and personalized service delivery.


Our average response time is under 2.5 minutes! No matter what the emergency, Beagle Watch will be there first!
Proactive security is our focus – we are the only company dedicated to the prevention of crime in your area through continuous, 24 hour, high visibility patrols.
Our response vehicles have all been fitted with high-tech, in car monitoring display units. This ensures that the armed response officer receives your call for help even before the control room. This eliminates any delays associated with signals having to be processed by the control room.
Back up is always available from armed response vehicles in the immediate vicinity.
Our contract is month to month. We believe if our service isn’t good enough, we don’t deserve to be your security company. That’s why we don’t tie you down to a long term contract.
Beagle Watch is locally based; our state of the art control room is situated in Smit Street in Fairland.
We provide you with regular updates of criminal activity and look-outs via sms and email.
Beagle Watch offers the latest in security technology.
The Beagle Watch team provides prompt 24 hour technical service.
We are socially committed to community projects in your area.
With us you receive personal attention, and are not just a number - we know our clients and our area!
Beagle Watch is 100% South African - no foreign ownership here.
Beagle watch is a security company that specializes in armed reaction.

All our operational areas are divided into dedicated vehicle areas, each to be serviced by their own vehicle. A minimum of 120 households is needed to make this project viable.

Should you wish to find out more about your area please visit our dedicated area sites.
Click here to view our Reaction Areas Map.


Your existing alarm system is linked to our 24-hour monitoring and control centre based in Fairland.
If you do not have an alarm system, we are able to install a system customized to your specific requirements.
Our contract runs on a month to month basis – we believe that service levels should keep us on our toes!
We will take over the maintenance on any existing alarm system, subject to a technical inspection, and provide this on a 24-hour a day basis.


  Beagle Watch In Touch:

This is a free service provided by Beagle Watch to clients whereby all crime Watch information is automatically sent to any subscriber via SMS.

  In car monitoring:

In addition to the 24-hour control room, each vehicle is fitted with a system enabling your radio signals to be received by the vehicle directly and in so doing, reduce response times.

  Holiday service:

Included in our comprehensive portfolio Beagle Watch will perform extra patrols in the vicinity of your premises whilst your home is unoccupied at no additional charge.

   Escort service

Should you require an escort into your premises at any time, call the control room 15 minutes prior to your arrival and we will meet you there to ensure your safe entry. Please note that priority signals will take preference. Any escorts in excess of 5 per month will be charged for.

  Duration of contract

We believe if our service isn’t good enough, we don’t deserve to be your security provider. That’s why we don’t tie you down to a long term contract.


Beagle Watch really appreciate receiving referrals from happy clients. To this end we have reviewed our Loyalty Programme and in future for every successful referral we will be offering 2 months free service or R1 000 paid into your bank account. Referrals can be forwarded to info@beaglewatch.co.za or you can call Anne Wood, our Customer Relations Manager on 011 678 1972.

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At Beagle Watch, we are passionate about the community we serve and are actively involved in various community projects.

Education is the foundation of the future. To this end, we sponsor all the security needs at five primary schools in our area. In addition, social and religious institutions and the elderly benefit from the same program.

Tel: (+27) 11 678 1972 Emergency: (+27) 11 476 7811
(+27) 11 678 2086
email: info@beaglewatch.co.za