Device Low Battery: Signal

Device Low Battery signal received from one of your security systems devices

Technical Service

If you have received a "device low battery" signal from our Monitoring Centre, you need to take note of the following important information:
• This signal was generated by the alarm system to warn you that one of the batteries in one of the detection devices has registered a low battery condition.
• In order to resolve this, the battery in the affected device will need to be replaced.
• Our Technical Department has been notified of the situation and will be calling you to offer technical assistance.
• Should you require immediate service, please feel free to contact the Technical Department on 011 678 1972 at any time, we have a 24/7 technical service. Alternatively email

Important information

How long should a device battery last?
The batteries in most modern wireless devices are designed to provide for up to 3 years battery life. This is however dependent on a number of factors.

Can I replace the battery myself?
Replacing the battery in your detection devices is reasonably simple. It is important to note that the manufacturer specifies a particular type of battery and it is advisable to replace like with like to avoid damage to the detector.