Low Battery: Signal

Low Battery signal received from your security system

Technical Service
If you have received a "low battery" signal from our Monitoring Centre within 4 hours of a power failure, you need to take note of the following important information:
• At the stage that your alarm system reports a "low battery" signal to our Monitoring Centre, your security may be compromised. Your backup battery should be in a position to ensure system integrity for approximately 6 hours.
• Our Technical Department has been notified of the situation and will be calling you to offer technical assistance.
• Should you require immediate service, please feel free to contact the Technical Department on 011 678 1972 at any time, we have a 24/7 technical service. Alternatively email technical@beaglewatch.co.za

Important information

How long should a backup battery provide power for?
Ideally, batteries should provide power for 6 hours but this is affected by for instance the age of the battery and the number of devices forming part of the alarm system.

Does the battery recharge automatically after electricity is restored?
Your backup battery should automatically recharge but it is important to note that if the battery is only supplying power for a short period, it may be indicative of a battery in need of replacement.

How do I test my backup battery?
You can test your backup battery by following the steps listed below:
Step One - Unplug the alarm system from the electrical supply.
Step Two - Wait one hour and then contact the Monitoring Centre and test your alarm system by turning it on and activating the siren.
Step Three - Repeat step two after two, three and four hours. If the alarm system is still fully functional after four hours, the test suggests that the battery is still able to hold its charge. If it fails at any stage during the test cycle the battery should be replaced.

Can I replace the battery myself?
Replacing the battery in your alarm system is reasonably simple. For those of you who are able to do so, we have a stock of batteries at our offices should it need to be replaced. When replacing the battery, please make sure that the battery leads are connected correctly, failing which the alarm system may be severely damaged.